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Hello Tigers!
My name is Ms. Venegas and I'm looking forward to teaching English 9. This will be my fourth year teaching English and I am so excited to join the Elsinore High School family this year! 
I previously completed my BA at UC Riverside and my MA in Secondary Education at Loyola Marymount University. Outside of teaching, I have a passion for traveling. I've been to over 30 countries and I love to connect with the places I visit by reading their literature. This year, the literary works we will study will also take us around the world and allow us to encounter a diversity of perspectives and experiences. I previously completed a certification in publishing through Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and I am happy to bring my experiences working in book publishing into our classroom as we study the writing process.
I am here to support each of you and to help you on your road to success. Communication is incredibly important. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any point during the school year: ashley.venegasgray@leusd.k12.ca.us Students if you need to speak with me, I will typically be in my classroom from 7am-2:30pm. I'm also available by appointment, just let me know when you'd like to meet!
Please be aware that there is free, school-wide tutoring in Room 226 from 2:30-3:30pm Monday-Thursday. If you need access to computers or printers after school, our library is open everyday from 2:30-4pm.
Keeping up with class assignments and deadlines will be crucial to student success. Students and parents please see our class page for a copy of the course syllabus. Also be sure to regularly access our online gradebook via Infinite Campus.
I look forward to a wonderful year with all of you!


Recent Posts

Nov. 13-Nov. 16 Classwork

Monday 11/12
Veteran's Day-No School
Tuesday 11/13
Bellringer: List all the things that you're thankful for this Thanksgiving season.
Read Ch. 11 "Castle Rock" of Lord of the Flies: click here to view/listen. Write a summary of the chapter.
Wednesday 11/14
No Bellringer
Complete Ch. 11 worksheet "Castle Rock Close Reading": click here to view/complete.
Thursday 11/15
No Bellringer
Read Ch. 12 and complete a summary of the chapter: click here to view/listen.
Review: Mask Project
Friday 11/16
No Bellringer
Lord of the Flies Mask Project: click here to view project details and rubric

Nov. 5-Nov. 9 Classwork

Monday, 11/5
1. No Bellringer Today
2. Review rubric for ch. 8 play: click here to view
3. Practice Ch. 8 play in groups
4. Read ch. 9 and write a BME summary: click here to view/listen.
Tuesday, 11/6
1. Bellringer: It's the year 2200, you look out of your pod and what do you see? Use descriptive language, show not tell.
2. Group 1 Presentation on CH. 8
4. Reviewed chapter 9 as a whole class
Wednesday, 11/7
1. Bellringer: Piggy has been an outsider from day one. Simon, before his death, was an outsider. In our society, who are the “outsiders”? What are the consequences of being an outsider in our society?
3. Read Ch. 10 of LOTF and wrote summary: click here to view/listen.
Thursday, 11/8
1. Bellringer: If you were a super hero, which super powers would you have? Why?
Friday 11/9
1. Bellringer: What is the perfect place for a classroom?
2. Review Ch. 10 worksheet, class discussion of conch vs. glasses
3. Kahoot: symbols in Lord of the Flies

10.29-11.2 Classwork

Monday, Oct. 29
1. Bellringer: If you could create your very own monster, what would it look like? What would it be called? What types of things would it do to scare people? Describe your monster in vivid detail. Bonus point: sketch your monster.
2. 1st period: QuizletLive 3rd-6th period: Notes on Lord of the Flies.
3. Read chapter 5 and complete BME summary
Tuesday, Oct. 30
1. Bellringer: If you could design a haunted house, what would you name it? What types of rooms would you have? Describe, in detail, 3 of the best rooms in your haunted house.
2. Ch. 5 Reading Quiz
3. Review Ch. 5
4. Read Ch. 6 of LOTF: click here to listenand complete BME summary
Wednesday, Oct. 31
No Bellringer today.
Tell-Tale Heart Break-out Room
Thursday, Nov. 1
Bellringer: Do you like Halloween? Why or why not?
Friday, Nov. 2
1. No Bellringer today.
2. Read Ch. 8 of LOTF: click here to view/listen and complete a BME summary 3. Assigned roles for ch. 8 play: click here to view script
*See me to get a role

10.22-10.26 Classwork

Monday, Oct. 22
1. Review Bellringer grading rubric: Click here to view
Selected ONE Bellringer you'd like me to read/grade and mark with post-it note.
2. Review Ch. 1 LOTF as a whole class and write a BME summary
3. Audiobook of Ch. 2 of LOTF: click here to listen/view
4. Complete BME summary of Ch. 2 while listening/viewing: click here for template (you can see me for a print-out or copy this format down on a sheet of paper and turn in). All summaries for ch. 2 turned in before leaving class
Tuesday, Oct. 23
1. Bellringer: As the boys struggle to decide how to live and whom to follow, it becomes clear that Ralph, Jack, and Piggy have differing abilities. Which of the boys do you think should be in charge? Which abilities are most important for life on the island? Defend your answer.
2. Review ch. 2 LOTF as whole class
3. Audiobook of Ch. 3 LOTF: click here to listen/view
4. Complete BME summary of Ch. 3 while listening/viewing: click here for template (you can see me for a print-out or copy this format down on a sheet of paper and turn in). All summaries for ch. 3 turned in before leaving class
5. Began working on "Lord of the Flies: The Animal Within" worksheet. Complete both sides. Click here to view, print, and complete.
Wednesday, Oct. 24
1. Bellringer: The jobs that seem most important to the boys are keeping the fire going, hunting, and building the huts. Which is the most important and why?
2. Passed back Lord of the Flies map and labeled all of the required items (1. mountain 2. coral reef 3. rock 4. scar 5. beach/platform 6. lagoon
3. Reviewed homework worksheet "Animal Within"
4. Listened to the first 10 minutes of Ch. 4 of LOTF: click here to view/listen.
Thursday, Oct. 25
1. Bellringer: Retell a story, but this time add monsters. (Example: The Cat and the Hat with zombies)
2. Finished listening to Ch. 4: click here to view/listen
3. Complete BME summary of Ch. 3 while listening/viewing: click here for template 
4. Started Ch. 4 worksheet: click here to view/download.
Friday, Oct. 26
Tear Up the Titans Pep Rally Day
1. Bellringer: Write a sales pitch for a magical or haunted house.
2. Review Ch. 4 worksheet homework

10.15-10.19 Classwork

Monday Oct. 15
1. Bellringer: “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” -John C. Maxwell. Hard work and tenacity is a major component of any success. List three things that you can do to help you succeed.
2. Read (or listen to) "The Key to Disaster Survival": click here for transcript/recording
3. Answer pg. 166 #1-4 of My Perspectives packet
4. Complete "Writing to Sources" on pg. 167 of My Perspectives packet
Tuesday Oct. 16
Finished all vignette presentations
Wednesday Oct. 17
1. Listened to audiobook of chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies. Click here to view/listen.
2. Wrote a BME summary. Click here to see photo of board which explains the outline of how to complete the summary. *Do not need complete sentences, just bullet points.
Thursday Oct. 18
1. Bellringer: Food trucks have become a very popular way to eat out. If you had a food truck what type of food would you sell? What would be the name of your truck? In addition to describing your food truck, sketch it below. 
2. Creative writing activity with sub (see Ms. V for details)
Friday Oct. 19
1. Bellringer: Which of the characters in Lord of the Flies (Ralph, Jack, Piggy) seems most interesting so far and why? Predict what he will do in the future.
2. Completed both sides of this worksheet--including drawing an image of the island based on the close reading. Click here for the worksheet.

10.8-10.12 Classwork

1. Bellringer: click here to view. 
2. Vignette Project Presentations
3. Finish reading p. 133-144
4. Review writing a fiction summary: click here to see notes
5. Begin pg. 145 Comprehension Check #1-6
HW: Finish pg. 145 Comprehension Check #1-6
1. Bellringer: click here to view
2. Vignette Project Presentations
3. Check off and review HW p. 145
4. Complete Close Reads on pg. 133-144. Complete for HW.
College Kick-Off Day
No English Instruction Today
1. Bellringer: click here to view.
2. My Perspectives packet: Read pg. 152-157 and complete pg. 157 #1-4
1. Bellringer: click here to view
2. My Perspectives packet: Complete close reads on pg. 154 and 156
3. My Perspectives packet: Complete pg. 158 "Analyzing the Text" #1-4

10.1-10.5 Classwork

Monday, Oct. 1:
2. Made packets out of My Perspectives textbook pg. 121-173
3. Read pg. 121-122, watched & discussed survival video: click here to watch
4. Watched BrainPOP Lord of the Flies video as introduction to Lord of the Flies
5. Signed up for vignette presentations--Please see Ms. V when you return to sign up.
Tuesday, Oct. 2: 
2. Review rubric for vignette project. Click here to view.
3. Read pg. 125-128 in My Perspectives packet
  • Complete the academic vocabulary chart on pg. 125
  • As you read pg. 126-127 write notes in the margins identifying the author's argument and evidence.
  • For homework, complete pg. 128 Summary
Wednesday, Oct. 3:
2. Vignette presentations
3. Review pg. 128 summary homework
4. 4 corners activity on the bottom of pg. 128
HW: Quick write on pg. 129
Thursday, Oct. 4:
2. Vignette presentations
3. Reviewed p. 129 Quick Write
4. Reviewed vocabulary for The Seventh Man on pg. 132
Friday, Oct. 5:
2. Vignette presentations
3. Began reading The Seventh Man on pg. 133

9.24-9.28 Classwork

Friday 9/28
2. Worked on creating vignette cover: click here to view the grading rubric/instructions
Thursday 9/27
1. Turn in vignette project
2. CAASPP testing
Wednesday 9/26
2. Continued group activity: If absent, just be sure to read pg. 33-pg. 55 of The House on Mango Street (text can be found under class "files")
3. Last chance for 1:1 conference with Ms. V about vignette project. Projects due tomorrrow!
Tuesday 9/25
2. Group activity: If absent, just be sure to read pg. 33-pg. 55 of The House on Mango Street (text can be found under class "files")
Monday 9/24
2. Work on vignette project. Write vignette #4 in class. Rough draft due tomorrow.
3. Finish 1:1 conferences with Ms. Venegas

Monday 9/17-Friday 9/21

Friday 9/21/18
2. Work on Vignette Project (due Thursday 9/27)
Thursday 9/20/18
1. BrainPOP "Similes & Metaphors" Quiz
2. Review THOMS Part 2 Questions
3. Work on Vignette Project (due Thursday 9/27)
4. Continue 1:1 conferences with Ms. V for "My Name" vignette
Wednesday 9/19/18
2. Review and begin working on Vignette Project: click here to view. (due Thursday 9/27) 
3. Continue 1:1 conferences with Ms. V for "My Name" vignette.
Tuesday 9/18/18
2. Finish working on The House on Mango Street Part Two comprehension questions. Click here to view the questions.
3. Meet 1:1 with Ms. Venegas to go over "My Name" vignette.
Monday, 9/17/18
1. Bellringer: click here to view and complete
2. Classroom Job Application: click here to view and complete
3. Began Part Two comprehension questions for The House on Mango Street. Completed "Gil's Furniture Bought & Sold" as a whole class. Click here to view the questions. We will continue tomorrow in class.

Mon 9/10-Friday 9/14

1. Bellringer: Click here to complete. Be sure to use "show not tell" (appeal to the senses!) to tell a story about what's going on in the photo.
2. Review Vignette pointers (figurative language and show not tell) and edit "My Name" vignette to include more description and at least one simile or metaphor.
3. Watch BrainPOP's "Similes and Metaphors" video (available on your EdPuzzle account).
4. Kahoot--similes and metaphors
1. Set up our Bellringer journals (see me to get yours when you return) and completed today's Bellringer: Click here to view.
2. Reviewed answers to THOMS Part One as a whole class.
1. Took "Show Not Tell" Quiz (based on Quizlet set and EdPuzzle video by the same name)
2. Began working on THOMS Part One Questions: Click here to download and complete on a separate sheet of paper.
1. Bellringer: Watch the documentary Boatlift, to view: click here. Complete the following graphic organizer while watching the video---Divide a sheet of notebook paper into four sections.
  • Section 1 write: 6-8 Observations about the documentary
  • Section 2 write: 3 Questions about the documentary;
  • Section 3 write: New Information (I just learned that...);
  • Section 4 write: Reflection (After watching the documentary, I feel....)
2. Studied Quizlet "Show Not Tell" and played QuizletLive
1. Sign up for EdPuzzle: Click here for instructions
2. Revised "My Name" Vignette
  • Go through and add stories about your name--family stories, or perhaps a more in-depth explanation of what your name means to you, etc. Move beyond the basics, "I was named after my grandfather" and tell us about the family history, the interesting details of how you got your name. Or maybe even that you don't know the history of your name and for this reason it's uniquely yours and you've made it something special because of who you are. Be creative! Tell your story!
3. Read p. 12-p. 18 of The House on Mango Street and wrote bullet point summaries for each chapter/vignette. (You can google to find a free pdf version of the book.) 
HW: Watch "Show Not Tell" video on EdPuzzle by Wednesday 9/12 at 7:30am and be sure to study Quizlet for "Show Not Tell" quiz on Wednesday 9/12.