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Brandon Stephens

I am Mr. Stephens, one of your Assistant Principals at Elsinore High School.  I have worked in education since 2008 and I have worked in administration since 2017.  I began teaching in Los Angeles County, then my family and I relocated to Riverside County in 2016.  Back when I was in the classroom, I loved teaching Algebra, Geometry, Swimming, and Water Polo.  I have been working at Elsinore High School since 2019 and I love being part of the Elsinore family.  The culture here at Elsinore High School is unlike any other; it is rooted in Tradition, Caring, and Respect.  I love being an Assistant Principal and working with all students, regardless of their ability levels.
When I'm not a work, I'm home with my wife, four boys, and two dogs.  I love swimming, surfing, and going to Disneyland.  I am a bit of a Science Fiction/Comic Book nerd.  I prefer Marvel over DC, with some exceptions.  Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie.  Locke & Key is better than Stranger Things.  Some of my favorite book series are Percy Jackson and The Olympians (the book was better), The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings (the movies were too long), and The Hunger Games (The books and movies were equally enjoyable).