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Brandon Stephens

I am Mr. Stephens, one of your Assistant Principals at Elsinore High School.  I have worked in education since 2008 and I have worked in administration since 2017.  I began teaching in Los Angeles County, then my family and I relocated to Riverside County in 2016.  Back when I was in the classroom, I loved teaching Algebra, Geometry, Swimming, and Water Polo.  I have been working at Elsinore High School since 2019 and I love being part of the Elsinore family.  The culture here at Elsinore High School is unlike any other; it is rooted in Tradition, Caring, and Respect.  I love being an Assistant Principal and working with all students, regardless of their ability levels.
When I'm not a work, I'm home with my wife, four boys, and two dogs.  I enjoy swimming, hiking, going to Disneyland, and occasionally building Lego.  I am a bit of a Science Fiction/Comic Book nerd.  I prefer Marvel over DC, with some exceptions, and Star Wars over Star Trek with no exceptions.  Black Panther is the best Marvel movie and Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie.  Some of my favorite book series are Percy Jackson and The Olympians (the book was better), The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings (the movies were too long), and The Hunger Games (The books and movies were equally enjoyable).