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AAPAC » African American Parent Advisory Council

African American Parent Advisory Council

Our purpose is to support any parent/family with African-American students in the district.
We have monthly meetings, via Zoom. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO ATTEND.
We also hold various parent workshops, provide college and career readiness information, and go on an HBCU college tour.
We really need committed parents to join us!
Email us at:
RSVP to attend meetings and get the zoom link is included on flyers and announcements which are sent out from the principals via ParentSquare, so keep an eye out. 
Meeting Schedule
AAPAC Presents Black History Celebration
“Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity” explores the African diaspora, and the spread of Black families across the United States.

If you missed the kick off last night on AAPAC Facebook page, then there is still time. Today at 5:00PM we will be having "TRIVIA TUESDAY". Test your African American history knowledge.

Why is history important?
History gives us the opportunity to learn from others' past mistakes. It helps us understand the many reasons why people may behave the way they do. As a result, it helps us become more impartial as decision-makers.
Why is BLACK history important?
Black History Month is important because it provides an opportunity to place the spotlight on the best of African American history and culture. All too often it seems as though only the worst of the African American community gets reported. We see stories about rates of incarceration, drug use, single mother pregnancies, EBT cards, rappers, and raunchy TV stars which in return can make other African American people in our communities the subject of unfair assumptions and judgments. Black History Month gives us an opportunity to place the spotlight on a more positive aspect of the African American community as a whole. On people like Senator John Lewis, Ruby Bridges, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Annie Simms Banks, Frederick Douglass, and more. African American heroes such as these deserve to be honored for the strength and sacrifice, they showed to achieve racial equality in our country.

When: 2/2/21 at 5 PM

Monday 2/1/22 Videos:
Black History Month Kick Off
Black History for Students

Upcoming events this week:

2/3/22 WEDNESDAY @ 5PM Historically Black Colleges and Universities Wednesdays

2/4/22 Thursday @5PM "Black Excellist"

2/5/22 Friday @ 5PM 

Thank you for your support,