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Testing Information

Testing Information

PSAT www.collegeboard.com
ACT www.act.org

EHS School Code Number is: 050-855

SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests

(Register on-line at www.sat.collegeboard.org)

Test Date                                          Registration Deadline




(Register on-line at www.actstudent.org)

Test Date                                        Registration Deadline



CA Proficiency Exam

(Register on-line at www.chspe.net

College Admission Testing
ACT Test
  • Accepted just like the SAT at CSU and UC schools, as well as many other colleges and universities.
  • If you take both the SAT and ACT tests, colleges will look at your best scores - so, take them both!
  • Take the ACT at the end of your Junior Year and again at the start of Senior Year.
  • UC schools and many other colleges require the optional Writing part of the ACT, so be sure to take that, too!
To Register
  • Go to http://www.actstudent.org
  • Indicate that you want to take the optional Writing part.
  • See Career Center for ACT fee waivers.
  • Use Elsinore High School Code 050855 when registering.
  • Be sure to list the colleges and universities you want to receive your scores when registering for the test.

SAT Subject Tests
  • The UC System recommends these Subject Tests tests for certain majors at particular campuses - click here for more information.
  • Other competetive universities require two or three of these Tests as well - check at the admissions Web pages of the schools your interested in applying to.
  • The best time to take these tests is at the end or right after you finish the class of the subject you're wanting to test in.
  • SAT Subject Tests are offered all throughout the school year - check out the SAT testing calendar to find the dates that work best for you.
To Register
  • Go to http://www.collegeboard.com > For Students > SAT
  • Remember - you can't take both the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests in the same day. But, you can take up to three SAT Subject Tests in the same day.
  • See your counselor in the Counseling Center for SAT Subject Test fee waivers.
  • Be sure to report your scores to colleges and universities, even if you think you didn't do very well.
Sending Official Test Scores to Colleges
  • Colleges need official SAT and ACT scores sent to them directly from the CollegeBoard.com and ACTStudent.org.
  • Admissions officials recommend that students report scores from all SAT and ACT tests (even if they didn't do so well on one of them) - many colleges combine portions of each test to create a "super-score" to see how students did at their best!
  • At the time of registration, you get to choose four colleges to receive scores "for free" - why pay more to send scores later?

Tips about Sending SAT Scores
  • Use CSU Mentor Code  to send your SAT scores to all 23 CSU Campuses at once (that way, you can still use the other three free reports for other schools!)
  • For students interested in UC schools - you only need to send your scores to any one UC campus because they share them with all the other UC campuses automatically (so, use the other three free reports for other schools!)

Tips about Sending ACT Scores
  • If you send your ACT scores to only one CSU campus, you can go back into the ACT Scores Manager (see http://www.csumentor.edu/planning/high_school/sat_code.asp to have your scores sent to additional CSU campuses for free!
  • UC schools share ACT scores among themselves just like they do with SAT scores!

Test Prep Resources
  • Go to the Career Center

Wondering about the differences between the SAT and ACT?  Check out this comparision below...