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Mrs. Natalie Bout » Once a dancer, forever a dancer.

Once a dancer, forever a dancer.

Welcome all dancers! I am excited to start my sixteenth year at Elsinore High School. My classes focus on not only the discipline of dance, but also on creating a lifelong habit of taking care of your body. It is extremely important that dancers take care of their instrument. Dance has been proven to have many health benefits including: boost memory, improve flexibility, reduce stress, diminish depression, help your heart, increase energy, improve balance and is great to improve the bodies physical appearance.

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Week 1: August 13-17

Please come dressed in activewear all week with your hair tied back.  I recommend having a bottle of water for class to stay hydrated.
Things to complete for this week:
- Everyone needs a single subject spiral bound notebook for dance (not to    
  share with other classes): Label your first and last name on front cover, dance level and class period.
- Make sure you order or purchase items for dress code (recommend two sets
  of clothing)
- Subscribe to your class page:  Go to staff directory, search Bout, click on my
  name, then click on subscribe button for your class.
- Read through the course syllabus with your parents and print last page:  you
  and your parent or guardian need to sign and date page and hand into me by
  end of week, August 20th.