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After almost thirty years as both a Lutheran church pastor and a United States Navy Chaplain, I chose to pursue a career that had been my dream career when I graduated from high school a few thousand years ago (1969).

Teaching since 2000, I hold Multiple Subject, English, and Mild to Moderate (Special Education) teaching credentials. This year I will be teaching several SAI (SpEd) English classes. It’s a new assignment in a new classroom (151).

I have but one focus: giving your son or daughter the best educational experience I can.

Assignments will be posted here and through the Remind app. Students and parents are invited to subscribe with both so that you will always be aware of your student’s assignments and upcoming lessons.



Recent Posts

Dude, Be Nice Week

Tomorrow EHS' ASB will be running activities to spread caring and kindness between everyone on campus.  In conjunction with that, I will be teaching a mini unit on bullying.
I understand that this can be a sensitive topic for some students.  Anyone wishing not to participate may do so without questions being asked and without penalty.  These students will be given an alternate assignment to complete.
The intent is to approach this in a frank but positive manner.

We continue building our foundation for writing.  A basic sentence has a predicate (the action part of the sentence) and a subject (who or what is doing the action).  You can expect to find a verb, an action word, in the predicate and either a noun (a word that identifies a person, place, thing, or idea) or a pronoun (a word that replaces a noun) in the subject.
Today we added "adjective," a word that describes, or gives more information about a noun.  Think of your five senses and how they relate to a piece of chocolate.  An adjective tells us how the chocolate looks, sounds, feels, smells, or tastes .

Required Classroom Supplies

Students will be expected to have the following supplies by Monday, Sept. 24.  Please let me know if finances are a challenge. Scholarship funds for supplies are available.  We use the barter system in our class.  Your student does a few chores for me and I pay them with school supplies: pens, paper, notebook, etc.