Photography Syllabus:


Classroom Expectations:

  1. Listen when I am speaking.
  2. Quiet during any announcements.
  3. Stay in your seat until the bell rings unless working. Don’t gather at the door before the bell rings.
  4. You should not be using your cell phones/ texting/ etc. during instruction time.
  5. Individually ask for permission and have a pass if you are allowed to leave the room. Sign in and out.
  6. No passes first/ last 10 minutes of class. Limit on passes.



Topics we will be exploring in class:


  1. Two Photography Assignments due each week (see assignment sheet).
  2. Art/ photography vocabulary.
  3. Written work (must do when assigned)
  4. History of photography.
  5. Famous photographers.
  6. Famous photographs and the stories behind them.
  7. Elements of art.
  8. Rules of composition (how to take quality photographs).
  9. Posing and portrait shots.
  10. Readings and worksheets.
  11. Careers in photography and the arts.
  12. Studio portraits.
  13. Photoshop tutorials.
  14. Photoshop: 25 projects that photographers need to be able to perform.
  15. Avoiding and correcting problem photographs.
  16. Evaluating and critiquing photographs.


I highly recommend that you turn in your photo assignments early in the week. I would not wait until Friday. You run a risk of being late the longer you wait to turn them in. I will gladly take your photo assignments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. If you wait and are absent Friday, have a game, blocked by the district office server, field trip, etc. your work will be considered late and graded down. Remember, you have all week to turn them in. I encourage everyone to work ahead and have a couple of assignments more in the grade book just in case. If you have a photography business and your work is late your clients wouldn’t appreciate that. There are absolute deadlines for college admissions, bills and even photo assignments.


Emailed photographs received after the class period you are in Friday will be considered late. You can make up some, but not all, missing photos for less credit. The longer you wait the less credit you will receive. Once missing photos are at the end of the second week you cannot make them up and they will be recorded as a zero.


When you give me photo assignments and written work I will immediately record them in my grade book. I will update and post the grade on the computer grade book system every Friday. So if you give me something Monday it will not show up on the computer system until Friday.


If we have written work it is due that day in the period you are in. If you are here and don’t do it you cannot make it up and will receive a zero. If we need extra time I will tell you at the end of the period so keep working.

How to turn in your photographs:

  1. ­­Email me your photos one at a time.

In the email subject line always put your first and last name, period and photo subject matter. If you are missing your name, period, subject matter, etc. you will receive less or no credit. It’s your responsibility to check the next day to make sure I received the pictures you sent. Do not assume that just because you sent them that I received them. If they do not go through I will never know you sent them. Please compress your photos (JPEG) because district email space is limited. Remember, if you wait until they are due and I don’t not receive them for any reason they will be considered late.

  1. Camera Phone
  2. Camera Memory Card to be opened on a classroom computer.
  3. Thumb drive to be opened on a classroom computer
  4. Camera LCD Screen.
  5. Print out.



Once we begin the production portion of the class students will turn in two photographs every week. These pictures are to be of display quality representing your best work at that time of the assignment.


How will you be graded? First it must be turned in on time. It must be interesting. It needs to be a photograph and not a snap shot which means you have paid attention to composition, exposure, background control, subject matter, focus and craftsmanship. Remember no pictures of pictures.




Have a great year in Photography.