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My name is Landon, and I am a special education teacher and soccer coach here at EHS. These last couple years have been a bit crazy with all of the changes and the state of the world that it is in, but with persistence, perseverance and patience combined with hard work, we can achieve anything.
A little bit about me is that this is now my 5th year at EHS and I push into Algebra and Geometry classes as well as teach an Academic Essentials class that helps students get the assistance they need, prepare them for life after high school, and offer any other support needed.  My goal for all of my students is to develop a college and career awareness and prepare them to the best of my ability to further their abilities. 
I am also the head soccer coach and have such a great passion for the sport and look forward to continuing to develop the program. This is my fifth year heading up the program, and I am really excited to say that for the 1st time in 14 years, we won the league title and also earned the California Army National Guard team of the month for December for ALL boys teams in the whole state!  My goal is to continue to challenge our athletes both physically and mentally so that they are prepared for wherever their future takes them in life. 
If Sign Language is your thing and you would like to learn more or get information about ASL, then I am also an advisor for an ASL club on campus as I am a child of deaf association (CODA) because my mother is deaf and am fluent in the language. 
Elsinore High School is such a great place to be, with so many friendly and helpful people everywhere on campus. 
If you need to contact me for any questions comments, or concerns, you can reach me at my school email:
[email protected] which I will respond to within usually 24 hours.