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PE 1 (Period 4) Assignments

Mr. Jeff Hickok
P.E. Teacher / Wrestling Coach Kyle Eason
Mrs. Rachelle Wade
2021-2022 School Year
Physical Education
This is a freshman class that focuses on fitness to get the students prepared to pass the State Physical Fitness test. Students are expected to dress and participate everyday.
Daily points are listed below, for more details on our grading policy see the document on the right. 
Daily Points: 12pts
  1. Dress: 4pts
  2. Stretch & Cardio: 4pts
  3. Activity: 4pts
    1. Non-suit: -6pts
      1. Backpack in class = a non-suit
    2. Non-suit but participate: 8pts
    3. Non-participation: 4pts
    4. Excused non-participation (only if dressed): 12pts
      1. Parent note is good for up to 3 days, if properly dated. A doctors note is needed after the 3 days. A parent cannot excuse you from dressing out. If you are placed on medical restriction your grade will be on hold until you are able to participate again. Student must participate in 10 out of the 18 weeks in one semester to be eligible for credit. 
  4. Non-excused absences: 0pts
  5. Excused absence: 9pts
 **Grades are updated on Infinite Campus every 1-2 weeks**
 Run time standards:
1/2 mile                                                                               3/4 Mile
Boys                         Girls                                                Boys                                      Girls
Under 5   10pts       Under 5:30                                       Under 8               10pts         Under 9
5-6            8 pts        5:30-6:30                                          8-9                       8pts           9-10
6-7            7 pts        6:30-7:30                                          9-10                    7pts           10-11
7-8            6pts          7:30-8:30                                         10-11                  6pts            11-12
8 +            0pts           8:30 +                                              11 +                    0 pts           12+
Boys                                    Girls
Under 9:30          10pts       Under 11                                                   
9:30-10:30            8 pts        11-12                                         
10:30-11:30          7 pts        12-13                                           
11:30-12:30          6pts          13-14                                        
12:30 +                 0pts           14 +      


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Extra Credit Packets

Extra Credit Packets:
Use the packets below to make up points.
Turn into your teacher before the grading period is up to get 70% credit or 9/12 points.
You can only do 4 packets per 9 weeks. 
If you choose to print them, only print the answer sheets
All files can be opened in Word and can be filled out and returned electronically.