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Math Department


Please see some of the unique opportunities for help in your Math class. 

Need extra help? Find your teacher's hours of tutoring below or a teacher who fits the right time for you!
Every Wednesday from 7:30am to 8:30am
After-school Tutoring is now being offered for the four math courses. Click below! 
Tutoring is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.

Click on your class to access the Zoom link:

Dylan Dickerson - Algebra 1A
Yesenia Torres - Algebra
Ryan Stevens - Geometry
Samantha Lawler - Algebra 2 (starts at 2:40pm)
Below is a list of all our wonderful teachers! Click on their names to visit their webpages!
Steve Clower--Consumer Math and MSJC Math 96
Nathan Emmerling--Geometry and Algebra 1
Jon Goudy--Algebra 1 and Geometry
Shermeena Grimsby--Geometry and Stats
Dylan Dickerson--Algebra A and Algebra B
Nikola Leibold--Pre-Calc and AP Calc
Mike Roney--Geometry and Math 90
Ryan Stevens--Geometry and AVID
Yesenia Torres-- Math 90
Rachelle Wheelock--Alg 2 and AP Stats
Lisa Whipp--Alg A and Alg 2 
Samantha Yos--Alg I and Alg 2

Need more help in Geometry? Visit Mr. Stevens' website and click on the math tutorials!

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Letter to Parents of 8th Graders
14 Great Math Tutorial Websites
Prentice Hall Textbook Website
Videos and example problems explained. Also check out the free apps in the iTunes store.
gives practice problems. This is the site that will only allow about 20 problems a day. Then it locks you out for the day. It has all grade levels so students can go down to the lower grades to find topics such as fractions…..
Don't forget about YouTube :)

Video Tutorials of Lessons
Algebra 1
Algebra 2