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Welcome to my class web site for English 11, and English 9.  For all my students, and their parents, I hope you find the web site useful in providing support information, and resources.
The best way to reach me is email-- [email protected]. If I am on campus, I can answer emails within 24 hours. For any students who need extra help, I offer tutoring Monday's after school. Additionally, EHS offers tutoring for all classes, Monday through Thursday If you need help on work, please see one of the college tutors at Homework Club.  They are there in room 226 every day except Friday.  They can help with all subjects.  
This will be my 18th year teaching at Elsinore High.  I consider myself lucky to work with teens and support them as they work to find their voice, develop their skills, and build their confidence.  I had a fantastic high school experience, and want to pass on what so many teachers  me. Currently, I am running a meditation session at lunch.  All are invited.   
Prior to working as a teacher, I was a staff writer for the Wisconsin State Capitol, copy writer for 2 political candidates, and a director/copy writer for a Milwaukee advertising firm.  When I moved to California, I worked for the California Associations Institute, and started a small construction business for local builders in north county. How did I end up in education?  Well, I started volunteering as a court-appointed special advocate for the North County Juvenile Courts in the early 2000's, and was so rewarded with the work I was doing with children that I didn't want to do anything other than work with teens, and help them get ready for the world! 


Back to School Night


Hello EHS Parents!  

Over the years, Back to School Night has always been one of my favorite school events because we have the opportunity to meet and chat.  This year, as we keep saying, is different.  Quite the understatement, I know.  So, since we can't meet in the tradition way, I thought I would provide a list of most asked questions, along with answers.  Of course, if any of you would like detailed information, not only is everything on Canvas, but you can  also email me. 

Q1. Are there "assignments" every night? 

With CANVAS, I usually have two or more assignments that will be due in the coming weeks for those who want to get ahead. This allows the student flexibility. In addition to assignments in Canvas, students are expected to read a minimum of 10 pages a night in their self-selected Independent Reading Book.  (I have provided a list of sources for FREE BOOKS in "announcements", if you are interested).  Reading is one of the most powerful ways for our students to develop their vocabulary and writing skills, so it is very important that they work at it a little bit every day.  

Q2. What is suggested for students who are struggling? 

1. Do not use the cell phone in class without permission

2. Take earbuds out while in the class room

3. Turn in assignments on or before the due date.

4. Attend Tutoring in the Library each morning.

5. Come in to my class during lunch to discuss any work, grades, or assignments.  

6. Almost every new concept has a introduction in class where I explain what we are doing, and how to do the assignment.  There are also models and mini tutorials on most assignments.  

7. Do not plagiarize (copy) work from other people, or other sources.

8. Ask to have a class peer leader.  Peer leaders are students in my class who are good at time management, organization, and English skills. I am happy to arrange this for whomever asks.  It is especially helpful if the student has not done well in the previous years of English.  

Q3. Is the curriculum strong enough to prepare my student for college?

Yes!  My degree is in Journalism and I love the art of writing. Perhaps a student may not love it as I do, but we do work together to, at minimum, strengthen their skills. 

I plan learning opportunities for students using the CA State Standards for my English classes. Most assignments provide for drafts, practices, redo's, and edits. Students are offered multiple ways to show what they are learning, and how they are progressing.  

Q4. What are the primary areas of study in English? 

The work focuses on providing assignments and tasks that are effective in helping students develop their English skills.  Specific areas of learning are in both formal and informal writing, grammar and punctuation, speaking and listening, and reading comprehension and analysis. 

Q5. What about late work?

Students who continually have problems turning their work in on the due date, will find that the assignment will not let them enter again.  The due dates are on each assignment. (Students who have an IEP will be provided supports as written on their documents). Turning in work on time is a skill the real world demands.  As is possible, I try to help the students develop real work skills.  

That said, there are opportunities to turn in most (not all) "old" assignments. The student can do this any time they have all their CURRENT work submitted.  I only open one "old" assignment at a time.

Q6.  Where are student's grades located?

Student grades are on both Infinite Campus, and Canvas.  Canvas updates immediately.  IC automatically updates only once each 24 hours.

Q7. If I have a question, how do I reach you?

The best way to reach me is to send me an email at [email protected] 

Q8. Who do we contact if our student has technology problems?

Contact [email protected]

Q9. Is Zoom still happening?

No, currently we are not using it to run classes. However, should events require that we use it again, we have all the tools to do so.   


Lynn K. Okey, M.Ed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          English Instructor



MLA format, parenthetical citation, and work cited page

We have already done Cornell notes on many videos explaining how to do this work. Here is one more that you may want to review!

In-Text Citation

When you want to put words and ideas from other people/authors/characters, you need write it into your work in a specific way. This video may remind you of what you studied in your English classes.