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Earth Club » Meeting Agendas

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Agenda: Reviewed and completed our Club Charter. Discussed Club Officer roles.
Plan for next week: Running for positions and voting for officers. 
Meeting Agenda: Heard from potential officers and assigned positions! 
Plan for next week: All members share: why did you chose Earth Club? What do you hope we achieve as a club?
Meeting Agenda: Reviewed club goals: picking up trash, recycling, bringing awareness to lessening our carbon footprint. Social media officers will make posts about our club and relating it to Kindness Week and tag Elsinore ASB. 
Plan for next week: Review Kindness Week social media and what our own club challenge will be next time.
Meeting Agenda: Discuss club challenges for social media: picking up trash in the neighborhood, go for a nature walk, comment something you're grateful for. Review Chase's presentation on a great charity!
Plan for next week: Review social media challenges. 
Meeting Agenda: Club challenge can be weekly. Let's all participate!
Plan for next week: Meet Mr. Flores to do Among Us game. 
Meeting Agenda: Among Us with Mr. Flores. CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Plan for next week: Discuss planters or do the watch party on Netflix.
Meeting Agenda: Discuss planters: 6 with no irrigation, we can plant succulents or desert scape. Make a schedule to go plant something there. Will contact Mr. Nicholson about what we are allowed to plant. Maybe fake plants?
Plan for next week: Watch David Attenborough A Life On Our Planet on Netflix (watch party!) with the Vegan club
Meeting Agenda: Netflix Watch Party 
Plan for next week: Among Us Thanksgiving Edition
Meeting Agenda: Make a wordsearch for the IG acct
Plan for next week: Canceled due to vaccine 
Meeting Agenda: Make a bingo card for IG acct and nature this/that 
Plan for next week: Watch Tiny Creatures on Netflix or Mr. Beast plant 20 million trees
Meeting Agenda: Watched Mr. Beast plant 20 million trees on YouTube
Plan for next week: Watch Tiny Creatures on Netflix or play Connect 4 or play Among US
Meeting Agenda: Discuss Earth Month (April) Us Again promo
Plan for next week: Have the flyer ready to post, and the video ready for the promo
Meeting Agenda: Discussed Us Again Promo success- encouraged succulent pickup
Plan for next week: Watch Tiny Creatures on Netflix