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Equality For All

Equality for All
A non-judgemental club for all humans who want to co-exist lovingly and peacefully.
The Equality For All Club is a safe place for all students to relax and meet others who respect the right of all humans to be their best without regard to their sexuality, sexual preference, gender identity, race, politics, religious beliefs, or disability.
We ask that our members be:
Join us at lunch on Monday in Room 706.  It will be an open forum for you to say hi, get to know other members, discuss ideas, and make plans.  If you just want to "lurk," that is OK too!
Please remember that what we talk about, and who is in the room, during lunch stays in the room.  We do not "out" other people as it is their choice, not ours.
Our business and activism meetings take place on Tuesdays at lunch in room 706.