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Welcome, I will be teaching all OCR_online math summer school classes for 2023_2024 school year. We are using Edmentum for our self paced online curriculum. We will not be using Canvas. Please see the two posts below for more information. The second post has a pdf link with more information.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday July 5th for 1st day of Session 2 summer school.


Session 2: Mandatory July 5 at EHS room 214 at 8:30-12:30.

Session 2: Must complete class BY July 20th, no acceptions!


Students should have a binder of paper to take notes, pencil, highlighters, pens, and calculator. 10% of grade will come from notes.


Log into Edmentum via Clever:  Clever | Log in

 Edmentum pic



Please see posts below for more details.





EHS Summer School OCR online 10th-12th grade

Hi, I will be teaching all Math Online math classes for summer 2023. 
The online course is using Edmentum which can be found using Clever.  June 12th starts session 1. Students must see me at EHS June 12th to learn about how to log into the curriculum.  We do not use Canvas. I will be in room 214 Mon-Thurs from 8:30-2. Each student needs 4 hours per week "seat" time...
It is mandatory to come to school Wed July 5th for session 2!
Session 1 : June 12th -June 29th
July 3rd and July4th no school-holiday.
Session 2: July 5th -July 20th (no exceptions)
contact me: [email protected]
Do not get my class confused with the other onsite EHS math classes. The onsite math classes are in person Mon-Thurs with Friday at home.  
My students work from home 5 hours per day at least AND must report to EHS at least 1 day a week for 4 hours. Students maybe dropped for not coming to mandatory once a week. Students may be dropped if they are not working each day from home a minimum of 5 hours and getting course work completed.
Students must finish a course by June 29th to start a second course. Students may complete course early. So the more the student does the faster they finish the course!
Please click on PDF link posted below for more information.

Online Credit Recovery Grade Improvement Summer School 2023

Please click on the title to open the pdf document. This is important information that must be read. 
For the OCR online credit recovery summer school we will be using Edmentum. Log into Edmentum using Clever. If you do not see the symbol for Edmentum use the search bar. See above on this website for the icon.  This is a self paced independent curriculum.  I am in Room 214 Mon-Thurs from 8:30-2:00.  

Alg A overview video of course

Parents and students, please watch this 20 min overview of my Canvas math class.

Welcome to 2022_2023

Life is full of challenges.  Let's make this a great school year back!!
All of my classes will be in Canvas
  • Your username is your [email protected]
  • Password: your eight digit password, for example 04261982
Use the same username and PW info to login to Office 365, Clever, or Big Ideas textbook, Infinite Campus etc..
This year I will be teaching....
Alg1A is period  2, 4 and 6
Alg 2 is period  1,and 5
Once you launch Canvasyou will find my homepage which has a link to my Zoom Tutoring, Syllabus, Current Modules, Previous Modules, etc...
 Canvas is the most accurate grade.  Infinite Campus is usually a day or two behind in the  grade. Always let me know if you find any errors.
See you all soon.
Mrs. Whipp

Morning Tutoring Please read

Hi Everyone,

I will be offering morning tutoring sessions 

Monday thru Friday 7:30-8:20 am

  • When getting any help from anyone, you should first show them your notes.
  • If we posted solutions, you should show them solutions.
  • It is important that the tutor teach you the method we are teaching you.
      • For example, they might teach you to solve the quadratic using the quadratic formula.  But, we are teaching to solve by factoring. We will eventually teach you quadratic formula but for that lesson we want you to learn how to solve by factoring.
  • NEVER EVER use a math app or Google for help.  They often have crazy ways of showing you what to do.  The notation is often wacky...It is considered CHEATING in this class. If we see it being used on homework/quizzes/tests we will deduct points and or give you 0 without a retake option.

4-Year College Bound A-G Math Requirements


Mathematics- 3 years required, 4 years recommended
Three years of college preparatory mathematics that includes the topics covered in Elementary Algebra/Algebra 1, Geometry and Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2.  Approved Integrated Math courses may be used to fulfill part of all of this requirement.
EHS COURSES that meet A-G Math C requirements/NCAA:
Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Stats, Ap Stats, and AP Calculus.  Note: Math 96 is an A-G course equivalent and excepted in lieu of taking an Alg 2 course.
EHS Courses that DO NOT MEET A-G requirements:
Math 90,Consumer Math,

BIG IDEAS textbook link

Click HERE to go to BIG IDEAS textbook.
  • "Login with Active Directory"
  • Username:  your  ID[email protected]   (this is your district email)
  • Password:   your eight digit bday
The online textbook doesn't work well with cellphones.  So using a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer is best.
Try saving the pdf for a chapter to ibooks if you have an iphone.  This allows you to a chapter at a time on your phone without needing wfi.

I strongly suggest you download the Infinite Campus app on your cellphone. our district ID is ZLLXZJ  you must use all capital letters. Don't forget to set your notifications.

Tutorial and practice websites

Click on names of sites to go there.
IXL.com  this website allows you to practice 10 to 20 problems a night for free!
Mathtv.com is a video tutorial website.  They also have Spanish speakers....
Khanacademy is a video tutorial site. Students like this site.
You can also go to Youtube and type in the search bar the concept to find videos.
**Many times I have video links ready to click on the assignment page of this website.

Students should download this free graphing app to their cellphones. This is the same Graphing App that we have on the class ipads.