Hello!  I have been teaching at Elsinore High School since 2010 but have been part of the LEUSD since 1996. Being part of the Elsinore School Community is a great experience as together with my colleagues we strive to equip our students for success. Teaching Spanish at all levels is quite rewarding as language is the bridge that links various cultures  together. In addition to the language I believe that it is important for students to learn to collaborate in a process that challenges them to produce a performance based assessment that demonstrates the scope of their learning through higher critical learning skills.  It is for that reason that I incorporate a business concept SME subject matter expertise.  Each student takes on the responsibility of manager using their multiple intelligence's to design, produce, implement a vicarious learning cultural experience to demonstrate their knowledge of culture and language appropriate to the learning level.  I am so proud of our students for the products which they produce!