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Work Permits

If you are in need of a work permit, you must download the work permit application below (Work Permit Request_Statutory Form). You need to fill it out, have your employer fill it and parents sign it. After this is complete, you may email me at [email protected] with a file or a photo. I will process the application and email the work permit to you. 
Please stay safe. - Ms.Stacy 
Every person under the age of 18 (even if it's one day until their birthday) is required, by law, to have a work permit. 
Steps to obtaining a work permit:
1. WORK PERMIT APPLICATION - An application may be downloaded at any time. I encourage students to take them along on an interview in the event that they may be hired on the spot and it's easier to have the employer fill out their portion at this time. 
2. PROCESSING - Send the completed application to  Ms.Stacy. ALL information, including the student's social security number and parent signature, MUST be completed to process. Processing is 72 business hours. Work permits cannot be processed over the weekends or during weekday holidays.
3. COMPLETION - After the work permit is issued, it is the student's responsibility to give it to the employer. 
If passing all classes becomes unachievable, students may still work limited hours but must not have less than a 2.0 GPA and more than one F.  If a student is issued a work permit and their grades go down, the work permit will be revoked and the employer contacted to notify them of revocation.
Student's grades and attendance will be monitored every two weeks. If your grades or attendance are suffering you will be placed on probation and be given a certain amount of time to get your grades and attendance up. If that is not achieved, then the permit will be revoked. 
Any employer violating the outlined hours listed on the work permit will have all work permits revoked until proper adjustments are made. 
Parents/Guardians, if you feel it is in the best interest of your child to NOT work or if you feel your child's employer is breaking the law,  please contact me to resolve the issue.