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EHS Scholarship Application and Local Scholarship information for Seniors


Each year many local groups and organizations provide scholarships to Elsinore High School Seniors. The scholarship applications are available in the Career Center and also online at the EHS website under the Career Center Tab.  


The Elsinore High School Local Scholarship application will assist you in applying for several scholarships. Please complete the attached application and turn into the Career Center as soon as possible. The earlier you submit your application the more scholarship opportunities you will be eligible for. The Career Center will get the counselor signature for you. Eligibility requirements for the EHS local scholarship are: EHS Senior, plan to enroll in a college/university or trade school in fall, completed application, essay, transcript, photo, and exhibits (awards, certificates, writing samples).





For up to date scholarship opportunities and deadlines, check scholarship bulletins available in the Career Center, through emails, and on the EHS website under the Career Center Tab. To receive bulletins via email, please send an email to stacy.styrcula@leusd.k12.ca.us with your name, email address and graduation year.


Most scholarships require up to three letters of recommendation. The letters can be from school staff members, community members, employers, friends of the family, etc. Ask in advance for these letters and provide the recommender with a copy of your Brag Sheet.


Students should pick up and complete a Brag Sheet available in the Career Center and on the EHS website under Career Center Tab.   A “Brag Sheet” is an information sheet which students fill out in order to help their teachers, counselors, and other adults write letters of recommendation. Students can bring completed brag sheets to the Career Center to make copies.


Carefully review your scholarship application to make sure that the requested information and

forms are thoroughly completed and all required documents are attached (personal essay,

recommendation letters, transcripts, exhibits, etc.)


Failure to follow the instructions may jeopardize your scholarship eligibility. Observe the deadlines for applications.





The following suggestions may be helpful to students applying for scholarships that request a letter or essay with the application. This will also help you with writing the essay for the Local Scholarship Application. Be very sincere and honest.


Be concise—one typed page is suggested.


Introduce yourself—Give some background information.


State your academic accomplishments—include the type of program(s) (college prep, general, AVID, ELD, CTE, etc.) you have been involved in while attending EHS.


State your on-campus or off-campus extra-curricular activities, jobs, or volunteer work.


State your goals and objectives for college and your future career path. If you are unsure what you want to pursue, state your interests and what subjects most interest you.


State your financial needs—explain why the particular scholarship for which you are applying will help you fulfill your goals.


After you have done your best preparing your essay, let someone read it who can be objective and will not mind offering his/her honest opinion (English teacher, AVID instructor, peer tutors, etc.)


Useful websites for writing scholarship essays:






   If you need assistance with postage, printing in color, copies, folders, etc. for ANY scholarship, email or visit the College and Career Center.